What’s included in an infusion kit?

Each Aged & Infused kit includes everything you need to infuse at home; a 16 oz. jar, pre-measured ingredients, infusing directions and a hand-made filtering pour spout.

How long after purchasing my Aged & Infused kit do I have to use it?

We recommend infusing your Aged & Infused kit within one year of purchasing.

What kind of spirits do you recommend?

Mid-tier spirits ($15-$50/bottle) are great for infusing and won’t break the bank. Our kits offer a great excuse to clean out your liquor cabinet!

Can I re-use the ingredients?

You can infuse a second time with the same ingredients, but it won’t be nearly as flavorful. Check out our refill kits if you’re interested in trying a new flavor (or more of the same!)

How long after infusing do I have before the drink goes bad?

We recommend consuming your Aged & Infused kit within one month of infusion. If you need more time, remove all the solid ingredients and you can extend the shelf life indefinitely.

What happens if I let my infusion sit longer than one week?

The flavors will intensify. Feel free to take a sip and age to your preference. 

How do I filter the infused spirits?

We’ve crafted our hand-made lids so you never have take the solid ingredients out! The filtering spout keeps fruit and spices from leaving the jar so you can pour directly onto the rocks or into a cocktail.

Can I add my own ingredients?

Of course! You can use the infusion vessel and pour spout as many times as you’d like. Our kits include pre-measured, dehydrated ingredients to achieve a delicious, full-bodied flavor, but you can certainly use your own fresh ingredients after the first go-round.

Can I use the infused spirits in any cocktail recipe?

For sure! Get crafty with those cocktails. We recommend using the infused spirits as you would a regular liquor in a cocktail recipe to add a little something different. Share your favorites with us on Instagram at @agedandinfused.

Can you eat the fruit after the infusion?

You certainly can – it beats vodka-soaked gummy bears.

Does the infusion alter the alcohol level?

Aged & Infused kits do not affect the alcohol level of your favorite spirits, but they do make them taste even better!